Random 85

Good ol' Coach Joe at his best here (from the HCTR listserv)

I do believe that each long run for me is a Vision Quest... for me to find a better me.
And some are a reminder of how frail and weak I am... a reminder that I am only human.
But all that really matters is that I can still GO... fast or slow, no matter... as long as I can GO.
And I wish that I could take a few old friends with me ...
Rick Gastelum, Red Spicer, Dan Keitz, my mom, and my brother to name a few.
They would love to... just GO!

I do these long runs for endless reasons....
... for that one MOMENT that defines a season.
... for that one FRIEND that I would never have met otherwise
... for that one FEELING that I cannot find elsewhere
... for that one PERSON who I have become and continue to become.

so.. send the masses and let em all come to play.
I will continue to sort em out into Good, Bad, Nice, Mean, and so on...
and wonder occasionally into which category I fall in their eyes.
but not worry about it too much

old school, new school, its just school... when you quit changing... you have died.
Life is good!
I need to get back to finding myself now :)

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